Mar 9, 2010

Tsukiji Market

Laset weekend my sister,her hasband
Last weekend my sister,her husband and nieces came from Kyoto.

I took them to Tsukiji Market.
The Tsukiji Market is Japan’s largest wholesale market, and includes an “outer market” where the public can shop as well
The Tsukiji outer market is enjoyed by many members of the general public, including sightseers, shoppers, and foreign tourists who come to shop and eat, drawn by the high quality and gourmet dining.
We walked along the shop street and I bought salmon.

I asked the man who work there
"Could you recommend a good restaurant near here?"
He recommended the restaurant "Hikobei" 彦兵衛
We ate a big bowl of rice topped with eel

and a big bowl of rice topped with tuna

It was so delicious!

We enjoyed shopping and eating lunch at Tsukiji Market.
After that we went to Ginza 銀座. where is historic city and major downtown area
in Tokyo
Ginza is close to Tsukiji.

And at night we went to Odaiba お台場.
The Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower can be seen from Odaiba and its illuminated nightscape is especially beautiful.
We ate dinner while enjoying the fantastic night views.

My sister's family enjoyed Tokyo. Mee too.


  1. i used to like going to Tsukiji when Ilived in Tokyo..guests always liked sushi for breakfast was great!

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