Feb 28, 2010

Home party

This weekend I hold and my Chinese friend hold the home party at my house.

Member were two Chinese , a German ,a British and two Japanese.
It was fun party!
I made Japanese home cooking.
Chinese friend made Gyouza and another Chinese home cooking.
German friend made potato salad.

We enjoyed drinking and eating.
Every dishes were delicious!

I remembered some recipe of Chinese food.
After precooking, cutting etc it takes only 3 minutes to sauteing.
It is easy to make and good taste.
I would like to make Chinese food for my dinner from now.

German potato salad was different from Japanese.
I mashed potato when I make potato salad.
She cut potato. It's good.

After dinner we ate fruit cake.
I turned off the light and ate dessert and talked by candlelight.
I like candle light. We can spend relaxed time by candlelight.

In Japan we don't hold home party very often.
I felt home party is nice!
We can enjoy eating home cooking and drinking and talking privately.
It is comfortable.

The party continued until midnight.....

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