Feb 28, 2010

Home party

This weekend I hold and my Chinese friend hold the home party at my house.

Member were two Chinese , a German ,a British and two Japanese.
It was fun party!
I made Japanese home cooking.
Chinese friend made Gyouza and another Chinese home cooking.
German friend made potato salad.

We enjoyed drinking and eating.
Every dishes were delicious!

I remembered some recipe of Chinese food.
After precooking, cutting etc it takes only 3 minutes to sauteing.
It is easy to make and good taste.
I would like to make Chinese food for my dinner from now.

German potato salad was different from Japanese.
I mashed potato when I make potato salad.
She cut potato. It's good.

After dinner we ate fruit cake.
I turned off the light and ate dessert and talked by candlelight.
I like candle light. We can spend relaxed time by candlelight.

In Japan we don't hold home party very often.
I felt home party is nice!
We can enjoy eating home cooking and drinking and talking privately.
It is comfortable.

The party continued until midnight.....

Feb 22, 2010

Janapnese tea ceremony

In Tokyo plum blossoms are in full bloom in this season

before cherry blossom season.
I went to Ikegami-plum blossom park.

White and rose plum blossoms
are very beautiful.

There is a tea ceremony house in this park.

We ate lunch at this house.

Japanese boxed lunch is very beautiful.

Today's box form was plum blossom.

It taste delicious!

After lunch we could experience Japanese tea ceremony.

In the tea ceremony
before drinking tea
we eat a Japanese sweets.
Today's sweets were made in Kyoto.
Beautiful and delicious!
We can pick out what I wanted.

And I made powdered green tea and taste it.
After drinking tea we appreciate tea ball.

In Japan tea ceremony is traditional culture.
We can't experience in daily fife.
It was first and good experience for me.
Today was sunny day.Plum blossoms were beautiful and
I could learn something about Japanese traditional culture. 
I felt I would like to learn more.

Feb 16, 2010


Last weekend I joined studying club. 
The purpose is studying together in the morning.
I can't get up early in the morning .especially day off.
So I joined this club.It was good for me.
I can get up early if there are something which I have to do.
If not I sleep until 10 or 11 am......

Recently in Tokyo morning activities are gettig popular .
Before working early in the morning people gather and do some activities.
Reading book, yoga, studying, lecture etc...
Many people want to make effective use of their morning time. mee too!
So sometime I join such circle.   

We gathered R25 cafe.It is simple and nice cafe in Ginza.
Early in the morning there are few people and silent.
It is very good atomosphere for studying.


These are the cappuccino which we drunk. 
These pattern are buautiful and sweet. 
This cappuccino made me happy.

Who started writing pattern of cappuccino at first?In Italia?

Drinking,eating  is not only tasting but also seeing.
I love to drink and eat. 

I concentrated on studying for 2 hours and ate lunch with members.
It was good morningn and lunch time. 

with love

Feb 13, 2010

My first blog in English

Hi my name is Sanae.I live in Tokyo,Japan now.

I'm studying English now.
I would like to write about my daily life in Tokyo,my favorite restaurant or cafe in Japan
anyway I will write about my interest and about Japan.
If someone read my blog and know about me or Japan I'm happy.

Last night I went to Omote-sando.
At Omote-sandou there are many nice restaurant,cafe and shops.
very fashonable town in Tokyo.

My purpose was to buy this herb tea.
I love herb tea.I always drink herb tea before sleeping.I can be relax and sleep.
My favorite herb tea is SONNENTOR.


And I bought for me and my friend.

I know only at Crayonhouse in Omote-sando I can buy SONNENTOR tea.
Crayonhouse sell picure books or toys for kids.
And nice books or attractive things for women.organic goods,vegetable and food.
There is natural food restaurant at the basement .I love this shop.

After shopping I ate dinner at this restaurant.very healty Japanese food.brown rice,miso soup,tarocroquette,pickle.

It's taste good. 

Yeah!I could start to write my english blog tonight! It is my challenge!
I'm happy.
Thank you for vissting my blog.

with love