Feb 16, 2010


Last weekend I joined studying club. 
The purpose is studying together in the morning.
I can't get up early in the morning .especially day off.
So I joined this club.It was good for me.
I can get up early if there are something which I have to do.
If not I sleep until 10 or 11 am......

Recently in Tokyo morning activities are gettig popular .
Before working early in the morning people gather and do some activities.
Reading book, yoga, studying, lecture etc...
Many people want to make effective use of their morning time. mee too!
So sometime I join such circle.   

We gathered R25 cafe.It is simple and nice cafe in Ginza.
Early in the morning there are few people and silent.
It is very good atomosphere for studying.


These are the cappuccino which we drunk. 
These pattern are buautiful and sweet. 
This cappuccino made me happy.

Who started writing pattern of cappuccino at first?In Italia?

Drinking,eating  is not only tasting but also seeing.
I love to drink and eat. 

I concentrated on studying for 2 hours and ate lunch with members.
It was good morningn and lunch time. 

with love

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