Feb 13, 2010

My first blog in English

Hi my name is Sanae.I live in Tokyo,Japan now.

I'm studying English now.
I would like to write about my daily life in Tokyo,my favorite restaurant or cafe in Japan
anyway I will write about my interest and about Japan.
If someone read my blog and know about me or Japan I'm happy.

Last night I went to Omote-sando.
At Omote-sandou there are many nice restaurant,cafe and shops.
very fashonable town in Tokyo.

My purpose was to buy this herb tea.
I love herb tea.I always drink herb tea before sleeping.I can be relax and sleep.
My favorite herb tea is SONNENTOR.


And I bought for me and my friend.

I know only at Crayonhouse in Omote-sando I can buy SONNENTOR tea.
Crayonhouse sell picure books or toys for kids.
And nice books or attractive things for women.organic goods,vegetable and food.
There is natural food restaurant at the basement .I love this shop.

After shopping I ate dinner at this restaurant.very healty Japanese food.brown rice,miso soup,tarocroquette,pickle.

It's taste good. 

Yeah!I could start to write my english blog tonight! It is my challenge!
I'm happy.
Thank you for vissting my blog.

with love


  1. Congratulations! You’ve made your blog just today. I want to see your happy life in Tokyo more.

  2. Very nice blog :) I am starting one as well. I am not brave enough to really try it in Japanese but I will work on it.

  3. this is great for me since I used to live in Tokyo!
    Thank you Sanae!

  4. I must compliment you on your blog entry, very nice, I wish I were as diligent with my Japanese blog on Mixi. I like the Japanese tea ceremony, which park did you go to?