Feb 22, 2010

Janapnese tea ceremony

In Tokyo plum blossoms are in full bloom in this season

before cherry blossom season.
I went to Ikegami-plum blossom park.

White and rose plum blossoms
are very beautiful.

There is a tea ceremony house in this park.

We ate lunch at this house.

Japanese boxed lunch is very beautiful.

Today's box form was plum blossom.

It taste delicious!

After lunch we could experience Japanese tea ceremony.

In the tea ceremony
before drinking tea
we eat a Japanese sweets.
Today's sweets were made in Kyoto.
Beautiful and delicious!
We can pick out what I wanted.

And I made powdered green tea and taste it.
After drinking tea we appreciate tea ball.

In Japan tea ceremony is traditional culture.
We can't experience in daily fife.
It was first and good experience for me.
Today was sunny day.Plum blossoms were beautiful and
I could learn something about Japanese traditional culture. 
I felt I would like to learn more.


  1. when I lived in Tokyo many years ago, I lived near a small plum orchards which has now been replaced by an apartment building....but it was beautiful...I always liked the plum blossoms in Tokyo..once I went to a real tea ceremony in someones teahouse near Hakone...I liked the kaiseki ryori in Kyoto...thank you for the photos and bringing back some nice memories

  2. truly beautiful pictures!!

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Congratulations!

    Small corrections:
    "It taste delicious!" -->"tastes delicious"
    "We can pick out what I wanted" --> We could pick out what I wanted"
    "We can't experience in daily fife" -->"daily life"

    keep it up!